Dr. Piskun participates in most of the prominent insurance plans in the area. It is your responsibility to verify that Dr. Piskun is a participating provider with your insurance plan. Insurance plans do not cover cosmetic surgeries and these types of procedures are optional, elective procedures that are not billed to insurance and will be the responsibility of the patient. If a proposed procedure is related to breast cancer or other medically necessary procedures, our office staff will contact your insurance plan to verify your benefits, obtain preauthorization and to discuss coverage of the procedure. We cannot guarantee benefits and we stress the importance of patient involvement when working with your insurance plan regarding coverage of your procedure. The patient's financial obligation varies greatly based on the plan coverage, deductibles, and benefits of the plan. Our staff will be happy to discuss this in more depth with you at any time.

Prosper Healthcare Lending

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Care Credit

Care Credit | Amarillo Plastic Surgery

Dr. Mary Ann Piskun is a member of Care Credit, which a financing source for patients seeking cosmetic procedures. Unlike other credit cards, Care Credit offers special financing just for medical needs. You can easily find additional information and even enroll online at Once you have completed your consultation with Dr. Piskun, you will be given a written quote of the price of the proposed procedure. You can then determine the amount of financing needed and then complete your application for funding. Once you are approved, our office can quickly process payment for your procedure and you can be on your way to getting the treatment you've been wanting.

>> Care Credit Application

Cosmetic Procedures

Once you have completed your initial consultation appointment with Dr. Piskun, she will provide our staff with the proposed procedure. Our staff will meet with you to discuss the price of the procedure. We will give you a complete pricing package that includes Dr. Piskun's fees, the hospital, lab, anesthesia, cosmetic insurance and is the total price for your procedure. You will be given a copy of the proposal. By placing a small deposit, you may schedule your procedure immediately or as soon as you have made your decision. The full amount of the planned procedure must be paid in full at least one week prior to surgery. We accept cash, checks, money orders, VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Care Credit.