Many women and some men suffer from spider veins. These are small blue and purple veins in the skin that have a spider web-like appearance in the legs. These are especially unattractive for women with dresses and shorts in the summer.

Dr. Piskun offers a procedure known as sclerotherapy to eliminate or reduce spider veins. The treatment includes injecting a solution into the veins that eventually causes the veins to contract and eventually reduce until they are not visible. There are many injections that can be used. However, Dr. Piskun uses Asclera. She has selected this solution because her research has determined that patient satisfaction is far above that of any of the other solutions now offered by physicians.

To adequately treat a spider vein, Dr. Piskun may recommend multiple treatment sessions. The number of treatments varies based on the severity of the vein problem. Typically, three treatments are required for each spider vein. In each treatment session, as many of the spider veins will be treated as time allows. This is done to minimize the number of treatments required. Following treatment, you can go about most of your normal daily activities as desired.

Sclerotherapy is an affordable, effective and safe method of treating these unwanted veins. Dr. Piskun can best determine if Sclerotherapy treatment is right for you. Visit our office located in Amarillo, Texas. We invite you to call our office for a personalized consultation Call 808-358-8731.Call today.